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An Odd Year

January 18, 2010

I’m not a believer in resolutions nor a proponent of excuses. Neither could account for all of the missing posts. So, I as embark on 2010, I’ll roll through the highlights of 2009.

January – Traveling in Australia doing research, communing with friends and family; back at the Big U teaching classes and doing local community development research and advocacy in South Memphis.

February- teaching, writing, organizing & researching in South Memphis. Just thinking about it all makes me tired.

March – got in a little father daughter time at the women’s SEC basketball tourney in Little Rock, AR.Went to Santa Fe for a conference – wish I’d done my homework on the altitude before I agreed to give a paper 🙂 I got a not so gentle reminder that I should never travel while in the throws of an infection – I seem to remember and then forget this one about every 18-24 months or so. Lesson,  Altitude + Infection + Flying = BAD.

April – see February

May – Saw my first set of graduate students graduate from our MA program; enjoyed the sunshine, the flowers growing in my front garden, and the company of my dogs.

June -Writing, writing, writing – the summer job of the tenure track junior faculty member.

July – Ciao – A lovely journey to the Amalfi coast of Italy and Tuscany (for pics go to  for another great locale and way to celebrate our anniversary (that was # 12). I never turn down a chance to see the mysteries of antiquity, natural beauty, and eat and drink fine things. A great way to vacate.

August – See June.

September – See April.

October – Hosted a “Porch Party” with an all time high attendance of about 65 friends. An impressive and fun turn out. Rough month health-wise. Coughed, coughed and coughed – minus 6 lbs. worth of coughing. Finally a 3 week round of IV antibiotics got me sorted out and I was back in action.

November – spent a long weekend in Hot Springs, AR for my birthday. Baths, massages, manicure and pedicure, good food, nice wine. Maybe 37 isn’t so bad? A much needed break. Grateful for everyday.

December – On the Streets of Philadelphia – first time in Philly. Neat town. Good conference; lots of reconnecting with friends and colleagues. Finished out one of the most stressful semesters of my life (including when I was in graduate school) by putting together my mid-tenure review portfolios. I suppose, every once in a while we need those moments of truth – we need to be asked to justify our existence, just to remind us of who we are and what is really important. Although, proud of my accomplishments and progress, there is nothing like putting the last two and a half years of your life into 3 ring binders to induce a little existential angst. It all kind of makes you feel small and insignificant. Christmas and time with family and friends, were a good distraction from this line of thought. San Francisco for New Years Eve – celebrating the good fortune of having good friends. Grateful.

So, on balance, 2009 at what cost (opportunity cost, health, family, happiness)? The nice thing about life is that it isn’t school and I’m not a CPA, so I don’t have to give it a grade or reconcile the books…

Here’s to 2010 – an even year.